Employees of Remington Arms in Ilion learned today that many of them will be furloughed through most of the summer, beginning on Monday, according to a source. The announcement, which came during a company-wide meeting on Tuesday afternoon, also warned employees that another furlough could come in November, if the market doesn't pick up.

According to a worker who asked not to be identified, some employees in certain departments will work during the furlough; but they will be notified individually or by department. It's not known how many departments or employees will be working during the furlough.

The furlough which will begin on Monday, June 3rd, will last through August 12th and is in addition to a mandatory two-week paid vacation, between July 1 through July 12.

Remington Arms has struggled financially over the last two years due to a large inventory and a low demand for guns, industry wide. Remington filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March of 2018, citing over $950 million in debt. Less than two months later in May, they exited bankruptcy protection.

WIBX has reached out to Remington and is awaiting comment.

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