Police in New Hartford are looking for a suspicious man who was reportedly attempting to lure two students into the woods during a cross country meet at Perry Junior High in New Hartford on Saturday, according to authorities. Upon recommendation by police, school officials cancelled the athletic event.

An alert was issued by authorities just before noon that police were looking for a white male, about 5'10" who was wearing a camouflaged jacket with a hood. According to the district,  "a student reported that they had been approached by an adult male who tried to get the student to follow the male off the course." The school also reported that a student from Mt. Markham Central School District was approached by the man before the meet. The student ran from the man and then became lost in the woods, prompting a search. The students was later found.


The Oneida County Sheriff’s Department's Drone Unit is assisting with the search for the individual, according to Sheriff Rob Maciol.

In an email to parents, the school district said that the investigation is continuing and police are searching the area.

"A New Hartford Central School District cross country meet ended early Saturday, Sept. 17, because a student reported that they had been approached by an adult male who tried to get the student to follow the male off the course.

A Mount Markham Central School District student was walking the course at Perry Junior High School before the race when the student said they were approached by the adult.  The student ran away and became lost, prompting a search for them.

New Hartford police along with district officials decided to end the meet as they searched for the adult.

Police are currently searching the area, and the investigation is ongoing.

The district will provide more information as it becomes available." -letter to parents

This is a developing story that will be updated as information becomes available.

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