The name of the company is Armoured One. This Syracuse-based business is geared specifically to educating and protecting schools from the dangers of an active shooter scenario. Their message is being spread across the nation.

Two of the founders of Armoured One and many of their employees are members of police SWAT teams who have specific knowledge of the protocol and handling of an active shooter, or school shooter situation.

Tino Amodei is one of those co-founders. He says the business idea developed out of frustration and by accident. Amodei says, "What were we angry about was that very little was being done." He was referring to the fact that the epidemic was still without a solution. In an effort to persuade legislation they were basically told that no funds would be allocated for protective doors, glass, and other equipment for schools. So, Armoured One was born.

In addition to providing the vital tools needed to defend against the threat of someone looking to harm those in schools, or other public places the team at Armoured One also manufactures products such as bullet-proof glass. The traditional training was to shut and lock the door, turn off the lights, and as Amodei puts it "essentially wait to die." The way they train is the run, hide, fight process. "We really try to empower teachers to understand that they have options. And when we get them to understand they have options, then they understand that even though hundreds have died as a result of an active shooter event, thousands have survived.

In this day and age an active shooter scenario is reported every eight days, according to Tino Amodei. Given their S.W.A.T. expertise they are able to break down the mentality, or strategy of an active shooter, and therefore develop a program with a range of products for schools to invest in with their security budget.

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