Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Jessica Golloher of Fox News Radio is on with us this morning to give an update on the U.S./Iran tensions. Should we be worried?

- Peter Franklin is THE Gabby Cabby from NYC. He delivers his latest True Tales.

7 AM Hour

- Tino Amodei is the co-founder of a Syracuse-based company called Armoured One. This program not only produces bulletproof glass for schools, but they also go into schools to educate students and school communities on the safety of an active shooter situation.

- Assemblyman Marc Butler is with us this morning giving us his thoughts on his rejection of measures to reward illegals. He also touches on the Governor's budget and thoughts on many other state issues.

8 AM Hour

- We chat briefly with Eric Centro about the vintage snowmobile ride going on this weekend in Taberg. Then we chat with Rachel Sutherland on what to expect from the latest on the Travel ban.

- Timothy Jaacard joins us to discuss his contributions and efforts to the Abandoned Infant Protection Act and the organization AMT Children of Hope Foundation.

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