Former Republican Congressman Richard Hanna called current Representative Claudia Tenney a "pariah" after she made the now debunked statement that mass shooters are 'mostly Democrats,' during a radio interview this week.  The comments came in the midst of the mass shooting that occurred last week in Florida. Hanna, speaking on the Keeler in the Morning radio program on WIBX 950 in Utica on Friday, gave a blistering commentary on Tenney, saying the comments were 'pathetic' and she's "made herself a Democratic fund raiser."

Tenney, who is in the midst of a highly contested re-election bid, faces popular NY Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, a moderate Democrat who launched his campaign back in June.

"People are volunteering to send money," said Hanna.  "The democrats love this...Look at her record since she's been there," he added.

Tenney's comments claiming mass shooters 'are mostly Democrats,' made on the Fred Dicker podcast show in Albany earlier in the week, launched a media firestorm that quickly went viral. Political figures from across the country condemned the comments, including Republicans. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, from Tenney's home County called the comments "embarrassing" during an earlier interview on Keeler.  Picente told WIBX that some members of the party have asked that county Republicans rescind their endorsement of the freshman congresswoman.

Listen to the complete interview with Congressman Hanna below.

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