sexual harassment

-Sexual Harassment-New York
A former top official at a New York agency fired last year for what authorities called "reprehensible" sexual harassment is still making $136,000 a year while doing no work at another state agency, according to payroll records obtained by The Associated Press.
State Office Harassment
One woman says a male co-worker at her state job grabbed her head and forced it between his legs. Another woman says the same man exposed his penis to her while she worked in her cubicle. A third says the man pulled her into a small room, unzipped his pants and said, "Why don't we just get…
Sexual Harassment
One staffer says an assemblyman tried to have her fired after she reported his inappropriate advances. Another says a state senator kissed her after a long day at work. A third recalled a lawmaker who demanded massages, touched her inappropriately and questioned her sexuality when she rebuffed him.
Sexual Harassment
Victims of sexual harassment by state lawmakers are expected to weigh in on what can be done to address the problem at an upcoming legislative hearing.
Sexual Misconduct-Schneiderman
The prosecutor appointed to investigate allegations that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman physically abused women says she has closed the case without bringing criminal charges.

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