A bill introduced by Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, aiming to increase oversight and transparency in the Department of Veterans Affairs, has unanimously passed the House of Representatives. 

Tenney's bill, H.R. 1609, would require the VA to submit an annual report to Congress listing bonuses given to senior-level staffers.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs Bonus Transparency Act will provide transparency over the bonus process without placing an undue burden on the agency. Increasing oversight will help to ensure that our veterans, who have made the selfless sacrifice to serve our nation, receive the highest quality of care possible. I have no doubt that the men and women of the VA serve our veterans admirably each day. In fact, I know that many of them do. In my own district, I have spoken with veterans who are grateful for the compassionate care they receive from the VA Hospital in Syracuse as well as local VA clinics in Binghamton and Rome. However, given the patterns of mismanagement at the VA, it is imperative that Americans know how bonuses are being awarded at the agency. Moreover, Congress deserves to receive this information in timely manner without having to request it each year,” Tenney said via release from her congressional office.  

That same release quoted other members of Congress:

"The problem with the VA is a lack of accountability. I applaud Congresswoman Tenney's leadership and commitment to our veterans by enhancing transparency at the VA, which will result in better service to our veterans and greater stewardship to our taxpayers," said Congressman Jodey Arrington, a Texas Republican.

“The American taxpayer entrusts us with their hard-earned dollars to help veterans, not to pay huge bonuses to people who fail those same veterans. The VA is full of dedicated employees who work day and night for our veterans and they deserve their compensation. But those who fail our veterans should not be rewarded. We will not allow that any longer,” said Lou Correa, a Democrat representing Calinfornia's 46th District.

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