It was day three of testimony in Oneida County Court in the trial of Sarah Ferguson.

Ferguson is facing charges in the beating death of Lucas Leonard and the assault of Christopher Leonard inside the Word of Life Church in Chadwicks last October.

Grace Leonard, Lucas and Christopher's half-sister, took the stand this morning.

WUTR is reporting that Grace claimed she was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Lucas and Christopher Leonard.

She also testified that at the church counseling session on October 11th, Lucas told Pastor Tiffanie Irwin that he want to leave the church so he could molest little girls.

Grace said she wasn't watching the entire time, but Sarah hit Lucas more than 20 times with an extension cord during the beatings  She testified that Sarah was crying and very upset.

Grace says the boys were pleading for the beatings to stop.

She was asked if going to police was discussed at the counseling session, but Grace said it was decided against because of what happens to child molesters in jail.

State Police investigator Danielle Kendall testified about Lucas Leonard's injuries and collecting evidence from the church.

Testimony will resume Wednesday morning.


WUTR's Angie Pavlovsky contributed to this story.