Testimony wrapped up today in the first Word of Life Church trial.

Defendant Sarah Ferguson took the stand today in Oneida County Court.

Ferguson is facing charges in the beating death of Lucas Leonard and the assault of Christopher Leonard last October.

Sarah admitted to using a cord to beat her brothers during the church counseling session.  She couldn't recall how many times she hit them.

She called the October 11th counseling session a "family intervention."

Ferguson also told the court she believes the will of God is directly communicated through Pastor Tiffanie Irwin.

WUTR's Sean Martinell reports Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara says this is the worst beating he's seen in his 24 years in the DA's Office.

Closing statements are scheduled to begin on Tuesday morning.


WUTR's Angie Pavlovsky and Sean Martinelli contributed to this story.