Albany, NY (WIBX) - The 2011 state-of-the-state address is taking place tomorrow at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany from 1:30 - 3:00PM. The new Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said the focus will be on better management of the state and moving it forward. He said NYS is facing a nearly $10 billion budget deficit among many other economic difficulties like, high unemployment, unfunded mandates, high pension costs and high Medicaid costs.

Recently hundreds of state workers lost their jobs due to the state's financial difficulties and talks of consolidating certain state agencies are making their rounds in Albany and other municipalities. Cuomo also proposed a 2% tax cap on property taxes as he prepares to lead in Albany. According to the NY Daily News his plans to turn the state around will include, "a call for no new taxes or borrowing, a push for a one-year wage freeze from labor unions, and the consolidation, revamping and elimination of various state agencies." Cuomo also said the state has become a laughing stock because of the problems it's faces however, he added that there is hope to turn things around.

The governor is also announcing the nomination of key senior members of his staff. They include, Joseph Martens as the new Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation. Elizabeth Glazer as Deputy Secretary for Public Safety. Dede Scozzafava will serve as Deputy Secretary for Local Government at the Department of State and Joseph Percoco will serve as Executive Deputy Secretary.

According to officials, the SOTS address was moved to the Concourse Level, beneath the Egg Center for Performing Arts to allow the public to take part in the event. Governor Cuomo was sworn in as the state's 56th Governor on January 1st during a small ceremony in Albany.

State Assembly members RoAnn Destito and Claudia Tenney, along with State Senator, Joseph Griffo will be on First Look on Thursday to give their reactions to Cuomo's address.