The Godfather is one of American cinema's most iconic landmark films, and as it turns out, the road to making it is just as compelling. In a new trailer for the upcoming Paramount+ limited event series The Offer, we get to see the behind-the-scenes process behind the now-famous movie.

Miles Teller stars as Albert S. Ruddy, the producer who worked with Francis Ford Coppola to adapt Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel for the big screen. The rest of the cast includes Matthew Goode as Robert Evans, Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt, Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo, Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, Burn Gorman as Charles Bluhdorn, Colin Hanks as Barry Lapidus and Patrick Gallo as Mario Puzo.

Watch the trailer below, which concludes with a nostalgic rendition of The Godfather theme:

The series will take an in-depth look at the creative process behind The Godfather, which was first conceived as a low-budget project. As Ruddy became more and more involved, however, the film grew into an ambitious feat that almost didn't get finished at all. Eventually, the 1972 crime drama would come to fruition, quickly becoming the highest-grossing film of the year and taking home the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Oscar- and Emmy-nominated writer Michael Tolkin created and penned the The Offer, with executive producer Nikki Toscano taking on showrunning duties as well. The first three episodes of the new series will be available on Paramount+ beginning April 28, with the remaining seven episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays.

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