The Village of Clayton New York is celebrating the arrival of the Theodore TOO tugboat.

Theodore TOO arrived on Monday, June 27th around 4PM. Clayton is expected to be the tug’s lone US port visit in 2022 and is being made in celebration of Clayton’s 150th anniversary.


Theodore TOO is a fully operational 65-foot tugboat reproduction of the original television character Theodore Tugboat from the beloved CBC series “Theodore Tugboat.” This iconic Canadian kids show aired from the 1990s to the early 2000s, Theodore Too became a real life touring 65-foot-long tug boat in 2000.

The one-of-a-kind tugboat with a big personality is set to visit Clayton beginning the evening of June 27 through the early morning of July 2 at the Thousand Islands Regional Dock at Frink Park, located along Riverside Drive."

If you get the chance, drive up to the Thousand Islands and take photographs and interact with Theodore’s crew. Theodore is already posting on Facebook about his big adventure:

I'm so happy to be visiting with my friends in the US. I'll be docked at Thousand Islands Regional Dock at Frink Park, located along Riverside Drive in downtown Clayton, New York until July 1st. The crew and I are excited to visit with you. Toot Toot!"

Theodore will be docked in Clayton throughout the entire week and is set to head to Ontario Friday.

To monitor Theodore TOO’s progress in the future, boaters and fans are encouraged to utilize The Ship Watcher/Seaway Ship Watchers Network Marine Traffic website or app to locate the tug.

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