The first thing we need to say is please don't say, Happy Memorial Day. It's like saying Happy Funeral Day. The modern day version of America's Memorial Day is a day set aside memorializing those who have passed that have served in the United States military.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, dating back to the Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  The day was set aside as a holiday to decorate the grace sites of those who lost their lives in America's bloodiest war, the Civil War.  Years later we would set aside the day to honor all those who have passed who have served their the nation.

1. While 25 cities around the country claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, the holiday was first celebrated here in New York in 1873.
2.  Memorial Day is not the most popular barbecuing day in America.  Fourth of July is first.
3.  32% of America's roads are in bad condition.
4.   Americans eat 818 hot dogs every second. That's 7 billion consumed between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
5. According to AAA's Ed Welsh, 88% of Americans are driving this holiday weekend. Orlando is the top spot to travel to. 39.3 million are traveling this weekend and that's up this year by 3%.
6. 2.9 million people will travel by plane this holiday weekend.
7.  America loves a good sale. 41% of us expect to buy something this weekend at a Memorial Day sale.
8. The average cost of a regular gallon of gas this year is $2.34, that up 11 cents from last year.
9.  Cooking-related fires on Memorial Day increase by 25% and about 50,000 people will be injured in car accidents this weekend; 44% of the traffic fatalities this weekend will involve alcohol.
10. Orlando is the #1 Memorial Day destination.
11.  42 million veterans have served in war time.  And a total of 1.3 million Americans have lost their lives defending the United States.

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