There are so many free apps out there (including the WIBX News app) inside Apple's App Store and Google Play, there's almost no reason to pay for one...Until now.

I have found the one app that is totally worthy of the $3.99 they're asking and is now my new favorite.  It's called Plant Snap and if you have a back yard, it's worth the download.

The app is easy to use. Take a picture of a plant's flower or leaf and the app will tell you the name of the plants and all the details about it.

I took a picture of this 'cat tail' like flower and immediately found out what the plant was and everything about it.

You can also go into your phone's photo library and pull up photos that have previously been taken.  Is this Poison Ivy?  Is somebody growing marijuana at the property next door? Yup.

Submitted photo

Get more details on Plant Snap here.