The only crime more heinous than listening to the band Smashing Pumpkins is actually smashing pumpkins.

According to u/The-Bluejacket on Reddit, some scalawags went to their house in North Syracuse and vandalized their Halloween decorations. OP told the r/syracuse subreddit:

"Just a head’s up:

The decorations on our house in the N. Syracuse area, in the community right off Taft Rd. got vandalized last night - Pumpkins and decorations smashed, inflatable decorations’ cords cut. Police report has been filed.

Can’t have anything nice these days.

If people/kids or whoever are willing to do this and then get away with it, it begs the question “what are they going to be bold enough to do next?”

Keep your eyes peeled and look out for one another."

How can we trust anything if our inflatable Halloween decorations aren't even safe? Is nothing sacred? What animals would have the audacity to do such a thing?

And OP had the guts to ask what everyone else was too afraid to ask; "What's next?"

"Oh, but it's just Halloween decorations." Sure, today it was just a little pumpkin smashing, but what comes tomorrow? Bank robberies? Kidnappings? Loitering? These vagabonds have had their egos inflated! They think they can get away with anything at this point!

But on a more serious note, it is frustrating to put so much time and effort into decorating to make your house look nice and get you into the holiday spirit just to have it all destroyed. And that's nothing to say of the monetary cost. Inflatables aren't cheap! Either way, as fun as it is to joke about, in the end, this is property damage, and citizens should keep an eye out lest they come for your pumpkins! Just remember, if you see something, say something.

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