Village of Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - In light of the abrupt resignation of Whitesboro Mayor, Brenda Gilberti, Village Trustees held an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss their options. The results of that meeting was the appointment of Robert "Bob" Friedlander as the village's new mayor. Friedlander says the decision was made after getting legal advice.

"We contacted our attorney and we also contacted the attorney's that are in the New York Conference of Mayors, called NYCOM, and their advice was that because the village needs somebody to be ahead of the ship, and the three trustees available, myself, Pat O'Connor and Dave Glenn, felt that it was in the best interest of the village that I become mayor at this time," Friedlander said.

Deputy Mayor, Raymond Davio was originally thought to be the one taking over as Acting Mayor, however because he's on vacation in Florida until Sunday, Friedlander said he's unable to fill the post. He also said another consideration was that Davio was appointed by Gilberti. The board will reconvene on April 2nd to vote on whether or not to keep Friedlander as mayor. If he wins approval, he'll serve until March 2013, at which point, he can decide on whether or not to run for a full four-year term.

On Gilberti's surprise resignation, Friedlander said it has to do with the outcome of the recent election. "The two people that won the election, were opposite from the two people that the mayor was hoping to win the election. It was  four people running for two seats, and the two people that won the election--Pat O'Connor and Beth Parks--she didn't feel any longer that she could work with the board ... the people that were sitting on the board. So, she chose to resign," he said.