We have all been to a Tim Hortons drive-thru. I think I mean that quite literally. Very few Buffalonians have not been to a Tim Hortons.

We see those drive-thru lines in the morning between 6-9 am. They get crazy long, to the point you might forget about your morning coffee or Timbits and keep driving...at least until you get to the next location.

Nothing gets in the way of many people in Western New York and their morning coffee and Tim Hortons order. That's why the lines are so long.

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You may have been in a situation where you "pay it forward" at a Tim Hortons drive-thru. Technically, you pay it backwards. This is when a movement in the drive-thru starts when you pay for the car behind you. It's a cool gesture that many of us have been in, including myself once.

But what happens if you only get a medium coffee and a bagel (maybe $4), and the person behind you has an order that pushed $20-30? Do you pay it forward anyway?

I think most people would. However, how annoying would it be (and maybe you have been in this situation before), where you are just trying to get to work in the morning or to an event on a Saturday and instead of paying $3-4, you pay $25? All because of the fact a pay it forward is going on?

Would anyone dare say, "no, I'm not paying for the person behind me?" Maybe so, since the car in front just paid for theirs, so no harm, no foul I guess.

What would you do in this situation?

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