January 27, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration camp.

Rabbi Cassi Kail of Temple Emmanu-El in Utica says its important to remember what happened during that dark period, and remembering means a lot to the Jewish community because after going through so much hatred and death those that were liberated were essentially given a second chance on life.

Kail says anti-semitism is still a concern in the world today, and not just in Europe where recent events have spurred a lot of Jews in France to leave the country out of fear of persecution.

She says Jews in places like France are so fearful of their lives just for being Jewish that they have begun creating kipas, or yarmulkes out of human hair to keep from being recognized as Jewish.

Despite the negatives, Kail says Jews have come a long way since the Holocaust.

Kail added that even though progress has been made, people should still know what happened and why it happened.

Rabbi Kail says while the Temple doesn't have anything special planned for this anniversary, this weekend's service - or Shabbat Shirah - is a special one that coincides with the anniversary because this is the time of year where the Jewish community celebrates the liberation of Jewish Egyptian slaves in Israel.

The parallel she says, is an unbelievable coincidence.

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