It's amazing how careers, job opportunities change. Do you remember about 20 years ago when physical therapists were in high demand?

You might be surprised what job landed at number 1 this year.

The folks at crunched the numbers and came up with this list.

The idea is that these there will be at least 1,000 of each of these jobs in the year 2024.

So if you're looking to change careers, or getting ready to choose a college major keep this list handy.

10. Biomedical Engineers - with a 36% growth in 2017 and an average salary of $89,760 Zippia predicts there will be at least 1,040 of these jobs in 2024.

9. Nurse Practitioners - 32% growth, average salary of $106,830 and 15,080 predicted jobs available in 2024.

8. Physical Therapist Aides - 33% growth $27,630 avg salary and 4,750 predicted jobs.

7. Interpreters and Translators - 34% growth $50,980 avg salary and 5,900 predicted jobs.

6. Web Developers - 34.7% growth $78,310 avg salary and 14,550 predicted jobs.

5. Ambulance Drivers and Attendants, Except Emergency medical Technicians - 37% growth $26,510 avg salary and 2,290 predicted jobs.

4. Gaming and Sports Book Writers and Runners - 38.5% growth $28,860 avg salary and 1,330 predicted jobs.

3. Home Health Aides - 45% growth $23,370 avg salary and 235,310 predicted jobs.

2. Statisticians - 54.9% growth $79,810 avg salary and 2,200 predicted jobs.

1. Gaming Cage Workers - 77% growth $27,840 avg salary and 1670 predicted jobs.

Depending on whether you're interested in the medical field, technology or gambling, the options are fairly wide open.

You can see how Zippia calculated the results and see the expanded list of the top 100 fastest growing jobs in New York State at


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