It looks like it the weather isn't the only thing getting heated during NFL training camp.

During his time with the press after training camp, Tyreek Hill who was traded to the Miami Dolphins this offseason from Kansas City was asked about facing the Buffalo Bills defense twice each season since both teams play in the AFC East.

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His response will not be a fan favorite here in Buffalo. He basically said that the Bills defense can't cover him and that he is going to have his way when the Bills and Dolphins play.

Check out what he said.

***Update - It looks like this was a fake Tweet***

Does this make Tyreek Hill the most hated player in Buffalo now?

In three regular-season games that he has played against the Buffalo Bills, Hill has caught 17 passes for 124 yards and no touchdowns. He has also rushed for 33 yards on four attempts.

It has been a little different in the playoffs. In last year's playoff game, Hill caught 11 passes for 150 yards and one touchdown. In the AFC championship game the year prior, Hill had 9 catches for 172 yards and no touchdowns.

How loud will the boos be for Hill when he comes to Buffalo this season? I assume I will be able to hear it at my house in Hamburg.

The Dolphins and the Bills will face off against each other in week three down in Miami and then in Buffalo in week 15.

I think there will be plenty of billboard material for those games now if the Bills players needed it.


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