June 29th marks the one year anniversary of Uber in Utica.

The folks at Uber have put together some interesting local stats about the past year.

The Top Ten destinations in Utica are the Celtic Harp, Utica College, the Utica Walmart Supercenter, Mohawk Valley Community College and the New Hartford Walmart Supercenter.

The longest trip taken was 372 miles, from Utica to Atlantic City, New Jeresey.

And from the time a Utica rider requests an Uber to the time the Uber arrives is 10 minutes or less 93% of the time

“Thousands of Uber drivers have been able to earn on their own schedules while helping hundreds of thousands of Uber riders move around their communities safely with ease. Thank you Utica and to all who have been on this journey with us this year - we look forward to many more.” said Uber spokesperson Danielle Filson.

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