A lockdown at Utica College was lifted Monday evening after a campus-wide search yielded no gunman, no injuries and no arrests. But authorities remained on campus as they continue to investigate a 'credible threat' made against the school earlier in the day.

UC student Malik Gayle is the station manager for the college's WNPR 90.7 radio station and also an intern with WIBX. He shared some reflections Monday night from the WPRN studios as he looked to 'take his mind off things' and get back to normal.

Gayle said he and his classmates received a text message about ten minutes before noon saying the college was under a lockdown and that everyone on campus should  remain 'sheltered in place'; he remained in his classroom for a few hours until he and other students and faculty could be moved to a 'safe zone' as local, state and federal authorities searched the campus.

And Gayle did feel safe there, he said, as law enforcement were in and around the 'safe zone' checking everyone who entered. He shared his appreciation UC administration, too, saying they were 'very on top' of notifying everyone on campus. Several texts and emails through the school's alert system included notifications of an armed police presence on campus, to stay sheltered, to follow the direction of law enforcement, and that there were 'no reports of any shots fired, injuries or suspects in custody'.

Gayle is scheduled to join Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday.


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