Utica, NY (WIBX) Utica will be able to continue operating its ambulance service for at least another month.

The Appellate Court in Albany granted the city a stay until July 31st, according to Mayor David Roefearo. This comes after the State Health Department ruled earlier this week that Utica had to discontinue its ambulance service by the end of the week.

City officials hope the Appellate Court will hear the case sometime within the next six to 12 months and make a final determination on the future of the city run ambluance service.

"They're going to revisit the stay at the end of July. [The court] is going to give the opposition, which is the state and Kunkel Ambluance, the opportunity to submit briefs on this case by July 11th. Then, they'll make a determination by the end of July whether we're going to get a permanent stay until the Appelllate Court can hear the case," Roefaro said. 

Comptroller Michael Cerminaro says there is a public need for the service, and says it has generated a nearly $3 million profit for the city since its inception in 2005, considering expenses like equipment and wages.

Cerminaro says the budget includes $1.8 million in revenue for the city this year, and if the service is cut, they'll have to cut other city services, or rely on taxpayers to make up the difference.

The Utica ambluance services responded to 9,000 calls in 2010, according to Fire Department Chief Russ Brooks.

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