Utica College Hockey will be allowed to participate in post season play, despite sanctions handed down by the NCAA following scholarship violations previously reported, according to hockey head coach Gary Heenan.

Heenan, speaking on First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX Tuesday morning said, "We definitely will be allowed to participate in the post season because this scholarship issue has not effected the hockey program in any way over the last two years."

Heenan called the violation an 'administrative clerical error' that was actually reported to the NCAA two years ago.  It was previously reported by media outlets that hockey was one of the programs that would be effected by the penalty.

Heenan said that while the school is on probation, no Utica College teams in any sport will be prevented from participating in post-season play, if they earn a berth.  "It's probation right now.  As long as we correct the problem, which we already have, there will be no penalty beyond the two-year probation period," he added.

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