We have had a lot of really great guests in our studio over the years.  But few have caused the warm fuzzies that Comet delivered this morning!

Comet is a Freedom Guide Dog who is being trained to provide services to someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Comet is a Yellow Labrador.  The breed is commonly used for guide dogs because of their good nature, loyalty, intelligence, and temperament.  They are among the most common companion breeds.  The 2021 Summer Training Class for Freedom Guide Dogs had twenty potential guide dog recruits.  Of those eleven were Labrador Retrievers, seven Barbets, and two Bouvier Des Flanders.

A gentle reminder is offered to the reader.  Guide dog trainers want to make certain that members of the public know that, when a guide dog is out in public that dog is usually working and should not be approached.  While most dogs appreciate affection, providing attention to a working guide dog is distracting for the dog and often stressful for the handler.

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