Utica Democratic Committeeman Alexis Torres is calling on a Utica Councilman to step down.

Torres says he has evidence that Council President Frank Meola has been engaging in a relationship with his wife Ashley, a former Utica Common Council candidate.

He made the allegations at an afternoon news conference at Union Station.

Torres read from a prepared statement and refused to answer questions from the media.

Torres has provided text messages and audio clips that he says outline the ongoing relationship between Meola and his wife.

He claims it started shortly after the two met during the campaign because Meola also serves as the city's Democratic Chairman.

Alexis Torres says he's in fear for his life and losing his state job after alleged threats from his wife.

UPD Sgt. Steve Hauck says they investigated the complaints, but found no crimes were committed.

Hauck says there was a report taken in September in which Mr Torres alleges that he was struck several times by Mrs Torres, however, he refused to press charges.

Torres also claims Meola provided cash and gifts to his wife during her campaign and neither one ever reported the cash and gift transactions in any of their required filings with the New York State Board of Elections.

Calls to Meola have not yet been returned.