Utica's Department of Public Works is going to busy the next few days with the latest round of snow falling on Central New York.

DPW Commissioner Dave Short says they have a game plan that will have crews scheduled to work around the clock to clean up the city, and they're trying to keep up, but the best thing residents can do is have patience.

He also wants to remind Utica residents to try to keep your vehicles off the roads when heavy snow is falling to allow plows to maneuver around the city easier.

Short said if you don't see plows out at the first sign of snow its because Utica doesn't have as big of a budget for salt as the State DPW does, and Utica DPW generally waits to see a 'trace to an inch' of snow before salting.

Unless of course the area gets hit with snow like Wednesday and Thursday this week, then the salt gets covered and isn't much help so they're forced to use more.

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