All eyes are on a low pressure system that is expected to bring nightmarish travel conditions as soon as Tuesday.

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Say Goodbye to Spring... for Now

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Enjoy the sunny, 50-degree weather days while we have them. Clouds begin rolling back into the region tonight and, starting Sunday, temperatures drop back into the mid to low 30s.

Chances of rain and snow also return to the Mohawk Valley this weekend. The National Weather Service is currently calling for a 70 percent chance of showers after 1 p.m. on Saturday in the Utica area.

Snow begins mixing in to create a wintry mix come Monday afternoon. But by Monday night, the weather is expected to change over to all snow through the majority of the week.

Read More: Magical NY Winter Wonderland Named America's Best Place to Visit's 10-day outlook says the region will deal with a chance of snow well past next week, with flurries in the forecast through February 22.

At the moment, it appears March is primed to come in like a lion. It also looks like we're in for a pretty bumpy ride as we head toward the spring solstice.

Hazardous Weather on the Horizon

Massive Snowstorm Brings Up To Foot Of Snow To Large Swath Of Northeast
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Meteorologists have picked up on a low pressure system that's about to head into the West Coast. At the moment, it appears that system is on a direct path to our neck of the woods on the East Coast.

Direct Weather was first to raise the possibility that the system will turn into a Nor'Easter before it reaches the Tri-State area on either Tuesday or Wednesday. The forecast was based of numerous weather models to pin down the storm's potential path. Three of the most reliable models are in agreement that a storm will strike Central New York next week.

In addition to the low-pressure system that's anticipated to stroll across the nation, it'll tangle with a stream of moisture that'll originate over the Gulf of Mexico and head north. Once those two systems mix, the jetstream heading our way will amplify into an even stronger system.

The reason why these models are leaning more toward snow than rain is because those balmy, 50-degree temperatures will have fully left the region and all that cold air could be a snow-making factory.

Currently, expectations are gaining confidence that we will see a major snow storm next week.

How Much Snow We Talking?

Credit - Tammy Bates
Credit - Tammy Bates

At the moment, it is too soon to predict any snowfall total because the system is still too far out. There will be more clarity by the weekend because more weather balloons will be in the atmosphere to give meteorologists a better idea where the storm is tracking.

Current predictions from Accuweather say the storm has a better potential to unload snow on Upstate New York than the NYC-area.

You can watch the most-recent weather update below:

However, it seems weather watchers are in agreement that it will be messy out there. That is why they are urging motorists to reconsider any travel plans that are currently set for Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the bright side, there is still a possibility the system will track farther south and spare us a major snow event. Again, forecasters will have a much better idea for what Tuesday and Wednesday will look like during the weekend.

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