A Utica native and former U.S. Marshal may be part of a team that is re-writing the history books.

Did Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun escape the bunker where it's believed they both died?

Lenny DePaul is appearing on season 2 of the History Channel series 'Hunting Hitler' that is examining the fate of the former German chancellor who led the Nazi army.

DePaul jokes that there are likely many historians and history teachers who may be upset with him. In the second season of the series, he says they speak with a man who claims to have flown Hilter and Braun from Berlin to Denmark after their purported death.

'..We find the runway, we've got photos. It's amazing stuff,' DePaul said on Wednesday's WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning. 'This guy [Hitler] probably got out.'

DePaul, who was previously featured on the A&E series 'Manhunters', has also been cast in another program called 'Hunted' set to debut January 22, 2017 on CBS following the AFC Championship Game. DePaul describes it as 'hide-n-seek on steroids', where average citizens compete for $250,000 if they can evade capture by trained law enforcement professionals.

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