Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

6 AM Hour

-A dad, who also coaches his sons little league baseball team, went out to the mound during the LLWS to tell his son he loved him. It was nice, but Keeler thinks it was done for the cameras and because he knew he was mic'd up. You decide - story here. This leads us into a conversation about social media and digital displays of affection - for lack of a better term.

-Discussing the latest on a court appearance by the 3 people charged with sending an explosive device in the mail to a local corrections officer. Here's the story. In Italy, at least 37 have been reported dead in a magnitude 6.2 earthquake - story here. And, Donald Trump is raising his own rent? - What's that about.

-Doc Gooden says he feel betrayed after Daryl Strawberry told the world that 'Doc' is an addict who is using again - story here. Plus, two customers refuse to leave a tip for a waitress...because they only tip 'citizens' - story here. And, in a failed attempt to impress a woman, this idiot got stuck between two buildings.

-Checking in with Peter Franklin. Here are some true tales from The Gabby Cabby.

7 AM Hour

-Catching up with Tim Reed. He'll be on the bus with a group of local runners who are participating in Flint, Michigan's Crim Festival of Races. Reed says the Boilermaker became involved in supporting Flint after joining our Keeler water drive this spring. Reed will bring with him the New York State Broadcasters Award the station won for coordinating the local water drive to support Flint.

-NY 22 candidate Kim Myers on problems with the Common Core roll out. And, she weighs in on a new report that detailed Binghamton's large job loss over the past few years.

-Keeler reacts to an email that was critical of Governor Cuomo's approach to Nano Utica funding. The emailer also feels we're missing the point.

8 AM Hour

-Caller Mario weighs in on Nano Utica funding. He thinks Keeler is too trusting on this project, and compares Bill to Charlie Brown.

- The Mohawk Valley Institute for Learning InRetirement. It's a program at Suny Poly, and encourages seniors to come together and continue learning. They include fitness program, health sessions, news discussions, writing courses and much more. They are hosting an open house on Sept 14th at Kunsela Hall. Call 315-792-7192 for more information

-Talking LIVE with EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch with are appearing in History Channel's Dual Survival, debuting tonight.

-Scot Hayes of New York Sash with news on the annual Utica College Teddy Bear Toss.

We speak with Shelly Yost, a cashier at a Kroger supermarket in Ohio. She recently saved a woman from being scammed of $2,000. It's a bizarre story, but it happens everyday - story here.

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