Friday, January 8th, 2016

6 AM Hour

What polling shows that America feels about gun laws.

The Powerball Jackpot is getting HUGE! We have a Powerball contest.

The discussion about gun laws continues. The wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle's wife shares her thoughts with the president

Willie Waffle's weekend movie review

7 AM Hour

We catch up with Ed Welsh about New York State Thruway Tolls, and how to pay for road and bridge repairs

The Human Calculator Scott Flansburg has a new show debuting on The History Channel this weekend

Nancy Klish is involved in the Tomas Zavalidroga case. She wants to sue after the trouble the situation has caused her

Andrew has been out on the road this morning stopping at various convenience stores to buy Powerball tickets

8 AM Hour

Fox's Eben Brown has the story of a judge who is telling clerks not to issue gay marriage licenses

Amazing audio. You won't believe what Ben Carson said to a group of children. And, you'll be even more shocked about what the Governor of Maine said

If you won Saturday's Powerball jackpot, how much would you actually win? And, if one of us won, would we take the lump sum or annual payments?

Catching up with Utica College Hockey Coach Gary Heenan. They're at home for two games this weekend and we're giving away tickets!!

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