One of the biggest International Humanitarian Crisis is happening in the nation of Haiti. Currently, they're living with no government, no police and a nation run by the gangsters who have killed the president and taken control.

This disaster has not widely been talked about in the mainstream media or really anywhere in large numbers, but on Wednesday, WIBX was joined in studio by Cedieu Fortilus who is a native of the island of Haiti. His account of what is happening in Haiti is terrifying to think about and truly heartbreaking. Fortilus says,

The story of Haiti for now is horrible. A long time ago people were always talking about the problems with Haiti and the insecurity problems, killing of people, and corruption. But now, we don't have words to explain how it was. Now, we don't have a leader, we don't have anyone to manage the population and now the gangster has become the chief.

Fortilus went on to say that people are being killed, even police. Nobody can rely on the police to keep them safe because with essentially no law and order, the cops are powerless. It has become utter chaos. It is mob rule at its truest definition. That is why he says he can't ever go back there, despite all of what he left behind.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that decimated the island and killed hundreds of thousands of people in 2010, many people lost their limbs or suffered major spinal injuries. As a result, there was a need for purpose for those individuals. That need was fulfilled by Fortilus who began an amputee and disability friendly soccer team. For years the team competed internationally and gave that sense of purpose those individuals so desired, but as of late the anarchy and chaos going on in the island nation has ceased operations. Fortilus also was involved with a rehab center for people will all kinds of disabilities. That service has become limited as well.

But, Fortilus is not giving up. He is living here in Utica with his wife and two daughters. They are a family of dreamers and learners who are dedicated to the medical fields and Fortilus himself is currently volunteering as a counselor for those in Utica who visit the refugee center. He has not forgot where he came from and is hoping to get financial resources to those still facing the hardships in his native country. Hopefully, the people of Central New York can continue to be of assistance. You can donate to the cause by visiting the website It is the little things sometimes we in America take for granted and Cedieu's story is a stark reminder of that.

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