The City of Utica and the Utica Harbor Point Development Corporation are seeking requests for proposals to develop a 17 acre site on the northeast edge of Habor Point.

The Harbor Point Master Plan calls for a mixed-use project consisting of upper floor apartments, with retail and commercial use on the ground floor.

“The UHPDC and the City of Utica have invested significantly in the success of this project,” said Mayor Robert Palmieri.  “And this work is coming to fruition just steps away from the redevelopment in Bagg’s Square, the exciting growth in the sports and entertainment district around the Adirondack Bank Center at Utica Memorial Auditorium, and within 15 miles of the existing and emerging major employment centers of Griffiss Business and Technology Park, as well as Utica Nanocenter. We look forward to reviewing interested developer proposals to see how they will align with our vision for the project site.”

The City began a planning and design process in 2013 to re-develop Utica's inner harbor area.

Proposals are due by July 27th.

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photo courtesy of City of Utica
photo courtesy of City of Utica

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