The City of Utica has been selected as one of only three municipalities in New York State for a community needs assessment from HUD.

The assessment will serve as the basis for a local development plan to help HUD and community planners better understand Utica's unique needs concerning economic development, health, education and changing demographics and community development.

The initiative will help the HUD office in Albany organize a long-term based strategy into a two-year operating plan with recommended solutions and courses of action.

"It's very exciting that Utica is one of three cities in the entire State of New York to be selected by HUD for a Community Assessment initiative," said Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri. "HUD's decision to select Utica is a testament to the positive and substantive working relationship we have built with HUD over the past two and a half years, and emphasizes that Utica is moving in the right direction."


The initiative includes three community roundtables to discuss the issues affecting the city.

Meetings will be held from September through November, ending with a capstone meeting to discuss the results.