The newest members of the Utica Youth Common Council were sworn in by Mayor Robert Palmieri at a ceremony at City Hall on Monday.

Youth Common Council President Trinh Truong says the main goal for her and the other members of the council is to get young people involved in issues facing the City.

Truong said since coming to Utica as a Refugee it has become very important to her to make the city she loves better for other people.

The other members of the Youth Common Council are:

  • Ena Latic - 1st ward
  • Hilda Jordan - 2nd ward
  • Tanell Mathes - 3rd ward
  • Dahron Wells - 4th ward
  • Tyraya McKinsey - 5th ward

Truong says the Youth Council has already set their sights on specific issues to tackle in the city, including youth jobs, tutoring and combating violence in Utica and they plan to begin implementing their ideas in the coming months.

The Youth Common Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at Utica City Hall at 6:00 p.m.