State Police have arrested a Vernon couple in the death of a 3-month old baby.

The arrests result from an investigation into an incident that happened on November 25th of last year

Police say emergency personnel responded to a residence for a report of an unresponsive 3-month old.

The infant was pronounced dead at the scene as the result of an unsafe co-sleeping situation.

23-year old Nicholas Evans and 20-year old Alexia Davis are charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say an investigation revealed that during the 12 hours priors to the child’s death, there were admissions of drug use by the parents, along with extended periods of time where the child was not attended to.

Although the parents could not be held responsible for the child’s actual death due to lack of culpability, the events leading up to the child’s death were deemed prosecutable, and both were charged.


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