Republican Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney says she was 'removed by security' from an Oneida Nation press conference in New York City on Wednesday.  Oneida Nation leader Ray Halbritter was holding a press event to discuss his meeting with the NFL over his 'Change the Mascot' campaign when Tenney stood up and began asking questions.

The event's moderator immediately spoke into the public address system and asked Tenney to leave.  Tenney persisted and held up a document she claims is from the National Archives.

"I have a document here from the National Archives that says Ray Halbritter is not an Oneida Indian," said Tenney.

She questioned the legitimacy of Ray Halbritter's leadership and spoke about her client, Melvin Phillips, an Oneida who she represents as an attorney.

One member of the press corps called Tenney "deplorable" and asked her to sit down. After nearly 2 minutes, the Assemblywoman exited the press room, seemingly on her own, without any visible security escort.

Upon exiting the event at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, Tenney video taped a response to what she says happened inside the press conference.

Last month, the Oneida Nation released a statement to Pro Football Talk calling Tenney's accusations  "offensive" and quoted a decision by a Federal Judge who recognized Halbritter as the legitimate leader of the Oneida Nation.