The New York Post has collected all of its past Alex Rodriguez cover pages and combined them into this one post for your viewing convenience. 

The gallery includes the Post's most recent A-Rod cover: ''And the Banned Plays On''.

It is one of my favorites for the Post, which is renowned for its cleverly crafted cover page headlines.

I actually took the time to scan through all 50-plus cover pages. It's a nice refresher of the various scandals and witty headlines surrounding Rodriguez - who, is at various times, referred to as everything from A-Rod, A-God, A-Roid, A-R*d, A-Monster and A-Fraud.

There is also a stark contrast in one the first covers of this gallery to one of the last, where his arrival in New York is first hailed as one of the best franchise moves since the acquisition of Babe Ruth and through today were a more recent Post cover urging baseball highest paid player to 'Just Go'.

I think many Yankees' fans, and its front office, wish he would.