Did you vote in this week's Primary Election? An analysis of turnout numbers says chances are you opted to stay home.

Unite NY is a multi-partisan organization looking to bring together Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals and others looking to foster common sense solutions with a motto of 'People Over Party.' The group's review of voter turnout numbers from this summer's two primary elections shows nearly 85% of eligible voters across New York State did not cast a ballot in those races. 

The turnout rate statewide was just shy of 16%, data shows.

Numbers from Primary Elections held this week

Of the 49 election contests held in the Empire State this week, only five races saw more than 25% of registered voters at the polls. None saw more than 30%.

Of the 25 primary races for U.S. Congress, two had voter turnout above 25%:

  • 12th Congressional District, Democrat Primary - 27.5%
  • 19th Congressional District, Democrat Primary - 28.2%

For New York State primary election, of the 22 races, just two saw more than 25% turnout:

  • 51st Senate District, Republican Primary - 26.7%
  • 47th Senate District, Democrat Primary - 28.6%

And, in two Special Elections to fill vacant seats in Congress, one achieved 25% or better:

  • 19th Congressional District - 27.1%

Here's now the numbers break down for races held in the Mohawk Valley and Central New York.

  • Democrat Primary in NY-21 between Matt Castelli and Matt Purorti, 17% voted (winner Castelli)
  • Four-way Democrat Primary in NY-22 had a turnout of 15.5% (winner Francis Conole)
  • Republican Primary in NY-22 between Steve Wells and Brandon Williams had 16.2% (winner Williams)
  • Three-way Republican Primary in NY-24 there was 16% turnout (winner Claudia Tenney)

The Founder of Unite NY released this statement on the 'abysmal' turnout:

"Unite has been chronicling our state’s broken system for the last 18 months, including how New York’s electoral processes lag reforms found in other states. The current election cycle highlights just how broken our system has become, with court mandated district lines and a confusing set of two primary elections with abysmally low turnout delivering the candidates we’ll have to choose from in the November general election.”

Of the 49 races decided on Tuesday, the lowest turnout by percentage of eligible voters was the Democrat Primary for the party nomination for the 4th District in the NYS Senate (6.9%).

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