It's not a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster, but it sure looks like one.

Watch this frightening video of two police officers in Mesquite, Tex., pulling an unconscious driver out of a burning SUV on Sunday morning (Apr. 19).

Officers Ryan Nielson and Autumn Soto are credited with saving the life of Hector Valles, 25.

Soto said they responded to a crash in the nick of time:

It was pretty intense. I’m just so thankful for him that we were that close, because he had seconds — seconds — left."

Valles was taken a nearby hospital where he's currently listed as being in critical condition. He reportedly crashed after he hit a steel beam.

Video of the daring rescue, which you see above, captures just how frightening the entire episode was, as both officers and a citizen on hand do their best to pull Valles out of the car and then reassure him while urging him to "stay with us."

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