Smoke from the Canadian wildfires returned to Central New York on Friday as South - Southwest winds blew into the Mohawk Valley. The smoke particles prompted an air quality index (AQI) of Moderate from the DEC on Friday afternoon with an air quality level of 77.

DEC issued the following alert: "If you are unusually sensitive to particle pollution, consider reducing your activity level or shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors."

People in the Utica Rome area woke up to warmer temperatures in the low 60s, with winds of about 15 mph coming from the north that were bringing the particle pollution back into the area. Some people described the smell to WIBX as a "smokey" smell, while others complained that is smelled like burning plastic.

The smoke pales in comparison to the thick smoke that blanketed the area back in June when the air quality levels reached over 150 and were described as poor and not safe to breathe. During that smoke event, the coverage created poor visibility, and actually turned sunny skies overcast and lowered high temperatures. People also reported feeling the particles on their hands, on the surface of their cars, and people with pools complained of clogged pool filters because of the smoke.

When air quality levels reach these levels in the 70s, the New York State Department of Health considers the air to be acceptable and safe for most people, except for those people with allergies and breathing conditions.

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