As much interest as there is in the paranormal throughout the Halloween season, hauntings and ghosts are not confined to particular times of the day, nor seasons.

This has allowed many TV shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters to flourish over the past eight years. In-fact it has not only led to the popularity of these shows but also the rapid growth of local ghost hunting teams and a new development in local tourism in most areas, affectionately dubbed 'Para-Tourism.'

'Para-Tourism' is the new term for locations that feature ghost walks, ghost tours and even full paranormal investigations-ghost hunts as part of their yearly events. In many cases these locations are historic or regionally renowned sites that would be otherwise closed. Now, after being featured on the larger TV shows or being investigated by renowned paranormal researchers the sites are able to turn to 'Para-Tourism.' This allows the public and even amateur investigators the chance to investigate these renowned hauntings.

Throughout Central New York there are a number of haunted sites that are available for ghost hunting and quite a few that have been investigated by renowned TV paranormal personalities.

Beardslee Castle

One of the most renowned historic locations in CNY, Beardslee Castle was built in the 1860’s by Augustus Beardslee in Little Falls. The manor was designed to imitate Irish castles and has long since been rumored to be haunted. It was recently investigated by Ghost Hunters with interesting results.

Hulbert House

The Hulbert House was built in 1812 in Boonville, NY and ever since it was built, Hulbert House has been active as an inn. It was at one time one of the most well-known places to stay in the region with countless historic figures staying at the building. It was recently Investigated by Haunted Collector John Zaffis and has long been known for its 'Para-Tourism' status.

 Capitol Theatre

One of the most interesting and stylish hauntings in the Mohawk Valley is the depression era Capitol Theater in Rome, NY. The theater has accounts of a phantom projectionist that roams the halls and even a ghost cat that patrols the maintenance areas of the building.

Recently investigated by Dustin Pari and John Zaffis, investigators and enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the very active hauntings.

Shanley Hotel

The Shanley Hotel was constructed in the late 1800's as a vacation getaway for those looking to escape the city on weekends. After a series of events through the early 1900's and the prohibition era the hotel experienced a number tragedies that led to multiple accounts of hauntings. The hotel was investigated multiple times by the TAPS Ghost Hunters with interesting results.

Naples Hotel

In the late 1800's, Jeff R. Brown built what was regarded as the finest brick hotel in Ontario County,The Naples Hotel and Restaurant. Over the course of prohibition era and a tragic string of events, the hotel acquired it's haunted reputation that led the TAPS Ghost Hunters to investigate recently.

Stone Meeting House

Capel Cerrig (Stone Church) was was built in 1831, and is located in downtown Remsen. The Stone Meeting House, as it is now named, has often been thought to be haunted with reports of strange lights, and feelings of being watched.

Farnam Mansion

The Farnam Mansion was build in the late 1860s by a respected Oneida businessman. Activity at the Farnam Mansion consists of lights turning on and off, voices, and strange shadows appearing in photographs with multiple guests have reporting odd occurrences.

 Rolling Hills Asylum

While not quite in our Central New York area, the Rolling Hills Asylum just east of Rochester has been featured on nearly every show for its hauntings. Every team from TAPS to Ghost Adventures has investigated the site with very interesting results.

These are just a few of the most renowned locations in our region, our own local sites that have been featured on national paranormal shows for their historic significance and their extensive ghostly activity. The most notable thing about shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures is that a good number of their iconic investigations, sites like Eastern State Penitentiary, the Shanley Hotel and more are actually open as 'Para-Tourism' sites.

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