Every city and town in Central New York has a dog breed that perfectly matches its personality. What is your hometown's true dog identity?

Central NY is unique -- in that every city seemingly has its own unique personality and vibe. I recently moved to the area from Connecticut and have made a point to visit as many places as possible.

What strikes me most is that every city and town feels very different from one another. They're not defined by their local attractions, but their overall character.

And that got me thinking: Could I find a dog breed that could perfectly represent each and every city? The answer is an obvious yes.

So buckle up and stretch out your scrolling finger to enjoy the dog slideshow.

Utica is a Rottweiler

The city has a rich and vibrant history, offers plenty to do -- but also struggles with a bad reputation. Sounds like a Rottweiler to me.

The American Kennel Club Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2016
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Rotties are a working breed that is known to be strong, affectionate, protective, and even-keeled. However, they've been poorly stereotyped as fighting dogs and people tend to avoid them out of fear.

But their luck is turning around, with the Rottweilers becoming one of America's most popular breeds. The American Kennel Club ranked them 7th overall. They're now more liked than corgis and beagles!

Similarly, Utica is also making a comeback by attracting new businesses and residents. While the city earned a bad rap for corruption and crime back in the day, in addition to becoming a part of the Rust Belt - it seems Utica is about to start an exciting new chapter.

Rome is a Havanese

Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Its Annual Dog Show In New York
Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Rome has also struggled with its own series of setbacks, such as the shuttering of Griffiss Air Force Base in the early 90s. The city has adapted, survived, and is striving to become even stronger. A great example is the continued expansion of Griffiss Business and Technology Park, as well as the Rome Health system.

The Havanese is known to handle change really well and is among the most adaptable dog breeds. They're also very smart, hypoallergenic and very social creatures that keep their barking to a minimum.

New Hartford is a collie


New Hartford is a gorgeous town that takes a lot of pride in its reputation as being one of the best places to live in New York. Its educational system is also highly rated and regarded among the state's best.

These attributes mirror the proud and graceful collie. These dogs are also known to be sensitive and intelligent - plus their popularity in pop culture allowed this breed to cultivate a paw-sitive reputation.

Boonville is a golden retriever

Purebred Golden Retriever dog portrait in outdoors

Boonville is a historic town that is known for being quaint, tight-knight and charming. It really is a place where everybody knows each other and is treated like family. It also offers plenty of outdoor activities.

To me, that sounds like a golden retriever. This friendly breed is known to love the outdoors, take their jobs as search-and-rescue or seeing eye dogs seriously, and are creatures of habit.

Whitesboro is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Like Boonville, Whitesboro also has a reputation for being friendly and connected. It also offers the same perks as a small and medium-sized town, from offering low crime rates to having a sturdy education system.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also is known to offer the best of both worlds for dog owners: all the perks of a toy breed but also the athleticism of a full-sized spaniel. They are also known to be gentle, affectionate, and proud.

Verona is an Airedale terrier

Top Canines Compete At Prestigious Westminster Dog Show
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Verona is known for its agriculture and casino resort. With the town offering a multitude of farms to enjoy fresh produce as well as plenty of entertainment thanks to Turning Stone Resort & Casino, the only dog breed that can capture Verona's versatility is the Airedale terrier.

This breed is hailed for being a distinguished hunter, but also a loyal companion and tremendous athlete with a do-it-all attitude. While this dog is among the best breeds for farms, it also offers a personality fitting of its nickname, "The King of Terriers."

Clinton is a standard poodle

Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Clinton is a collegiate town known for being both historic and quaint. The area is also recognized for its public schools, housing and natural beauty.

Similarly, the poodle is known for its intelligence, versatility, confidence, and beauty. This ancient breed started out as a working dog and has since evolved to become one of America's most popular pets.

Marcy is an Akita

2018 Crufts Dog Show Day Four - Best In Show
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Marcy has been up and coming, from welcoming Wolfspeed to serving as Townsquare Utica's homebase. The area is home to many hardworking professionals and offers an abundance of activities and nightlife.

This resembles the dignified Akita, which is known for its strong work ethic. This courageous breed also symbolize health, happiness and a long life. While these dogs are more aloof than most breeds, they are a bundle of joy when they come out of their shell.

New York Mills is a Labrador

Crufts 2017 - Day Three
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

New York Mills is an industrial, close-knit town that is known for having a variety of places to hang out with friends. Aside from being a community where everyone knows each other, it also boasts a low crime rate and decent schools.

The outgoing and active Labrador matches the New York Mills vibe, from being an incredibly friendly breed that is both enthusiastic and energetic, to being a loveable and loyal companion. It's no wonder this breed was America's most popular for 31 years.

Sherrill is a Pyrenean Shepherd

147th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Presented by Purina Pro Plan
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Westminster Kennel Club

Sherrill is a beloved city in New York, but it is oddly the state's least populous city. Residents absolutely love living in this city and rave about its community, schools and atmosphere.

Which is like the Pyrenean Shepherd, which is among America's least popular breeds - but those who own one will not shut up about how awesome these dogs are. This breed is known to be loyal, affectionate and whip-smart... so smart, in fact, they can be a bit mischievous and cunning.

Vernon is a German Shepherd

A German shepherd dog on a forest walk

Vernon is a small town known for having virtually no crime due to its engaged police force. It also offers a rich array of outdoor activities, good schools, and a loyal community.

This energy can only be matched by the German Shepherd, which is known for its intelligence, courage, and willingness to protect its family. Plus, they are gorgeous - much like Vernon.

Westmoreland is a French Bulldog

French Bulldog Photo Credit: Spencer Imbrock @spencerimbrockphoto on Unsplash (bYJuvKuInsg-unsplash)
French Bulldog Photo Credit: Spencer Imbrock @spencerimbrockphoto on Unsplash (bYJuvKuInsg-unsplash)

Westmoreland earned a reputation for being a charming, small town with lots of spirit and attitude. It also is a pretty chill place, with stretches of rural scenes that are perfect for outdoor lovers.

This captures the essence of America's new #1 breed, the French Bulldog. Known for being charming and playful, this dog also gained popularity for their larger-than-life personalities that enchant hundreds of millions of social media users.

Clark Mills is a Saint Bernard

Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Westminster Kennel Club

Although a tiny town, Clark Mills is steeped in history and offers a vibrant community that looks out for one another.

Which may be odd why the Saint Bernard is its match - but these gentle giants are inquisitive in nature, charming and famous for being watchful and patient companions of children. This breed also perfectly represents the phrase, "I'm just happy to be here!"

Vienna is a Newfoundland

The Festival Of Dogs Weekend Begins At Castle Howard
Ian Forsyth/Getty Image

Vienna offers residents a suburban rural mix with quiet neighborhoods and a decent nightlife. It also is a popular place for retirees to live, plus it offers picturesque views of Oneida Lake, which hugs its southern border.

This matches the energy of the sweet and patient Newfoundland, which is also known as the "nanny dog." The massive breed is one of the best companion pets that also doesn't mind the water.

Holland Patent is a Papillion

Best in Show – Crufts 2019
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Holland Patent residents love this teensy town, which boasts a population of roughly 450 people. Despite its small size, this town has a big heart and is a great place to raise a family.

This reflects the happy and gorgeous Papillion. This toy breed is known for its friendliness, small size and being major extroverts. They think everyone is their friend, which matches the genial personality of Holland Patent.

Camden is a pug

Best In Show Announced At Crufts
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Camden is adorable, quiet and extremely friendly - just like a pug. Both are also on the smaller scale and are relatively chill in nature. This breed is also popular for its small size, wide range of expression, and for being extremely loveable.

Oriskany is a Maltese

Canine Champions Compete In The Westminster Dog Show
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Oriskany is another small, quiet town that is charming as it is beautiful. This perfectly describes the Maltese, which is a lovey-dovey breed that is famous for its silky coat and playful personality.

Yorkville is a Husky

siberian husky
Photo Credit - BigGabig/Thinkstock

The bustling, vibrant community of Yorkville is known for being outgoing and close-knit. Residents also enjoy a strong school system, low crime, and plenty of entertainment options.

The smart and friendly husky matches the spirit of Yorkville. These hard-working dogs are pack animals, meaning they are fiercely loyal to their friends and family.

Are you happy with your city/town's result?

Let us know in the comment.

Also, there are way more cities/town to get to and, believe me, I could keep going... but my shift is almost over and that means I have to start wrapping up this post. So, I ask you - what other places should I highlight?

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