Though he has yet to announce his intentions for 2022, it is likely Governor Andrew Cuomo may seek a fourth term in office, despite a slew of recent controversies. Regardless of party, who do you feel would be the best person to replace Andrew Cuomo?

A number of people have already announced their intentions to run for Governor of The Empire State. Republican Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli announced his campaign in June of 2020. Most recently, New York Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin announced his run for Governor last week. But, one of the rising stars in the Republican party has yet to make a decision on if she will make a run.

GOP Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is a favorite among Republicans in the State of New York. The 21st Congressional District Representative, who represents Fort Drum and the surrounding areas, is still weighing all the options when it comes to possibly taking on the embattled Governor Cuomo. A top aide to Rep. Stefanik told The Daily Gazette out of Schenectady,

Congresswoman Stefanik continues to receive encouragement from all corners of the state as she would immediately be the strongest Republican candidate in both a primary and general gubernatorial election.

Alex DeGrasse, a senior advisor to Stefanik, went on to add,

She continues to set records as the most prolific New York Republican fundraiser ever in state history consistently earning the strongest performance at the ballot box cycle after cycle on Election Day. She appreciates the widespread encouragement and is not ruling anything out — nor will she make her decision based on others’ timetables.

A response like that certainly leaves the door open to her possibly seeking the state's highest office next year. But, she or whoever the GOP decides to put up as the nominee will no doubt have an up hill climb against any Democrat. Even Cuomo himself in a recent Siena College poll would likely be the victor in next year's race against ANY Republican. There haven't been any notable Democrats to announce their intention to run and that includes Cuomo himself. We shall wait and see what match-up the people of New York can look forward to, or not, next year. Who would you choose?

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