John Seymour, known as "John the Barber," or John the Signing Barber, says his recovery is going well.  He wants to thank everyone who has wished him well.

He says he feels bad for the others who did not make it out.  He says he really did not know what prompted Myers to open fire.  Seymour said when Myers, whom he called, "Kirk," instead of "Kurt" during our interview. asked Seymour if he remembered him. "You remember me?"  He replied, "Yes."  John says he remembered cutting Kurt's hair years ago, back in 2005, and did remember him but was surprised when he walked into the barber shop.  Seymour said he did not know that he was even back in the area, believing that he had transferred for work to New Hampshire or another state.  He said that Myers was a "different" person but "carried on a decent conversation."

Seymour quieted rumours that Myers worked at Gaffey's, or that he ever worked on Seymour's car.

WIBX has been in contact with law enforcement officials who denied the same rumours on April 1, 2013.  Investigators have said they have researched those rumors since the shooting took place and determined them to be invalid.

John said the outpouring of support has been amazing.  "It's overwhelming how great people are..."  He told Bill Keeler that he does not have Facebook. "You're kind of my Facebook page."  He is asking for everyone to pray for Dan Haslauer, who is still in the hospital fighting for his life.

He has injuries, but thankfully he said that his fingers were ok and he can still cut hair.  He does not, however, plan to return to his barber shop.

He said that he found out from family that the story of the shooting had achieved international significance.  He says people have been incredibly supportive, and is just asking for prayers.

He said that he is still surprised that people have been so incredibly generous.  He mentioned Don at the Kinney Drugs pharmacy who kept the pharmacy open late so he could get his prescription after leaving the hospital and did not charge him for it.  He said when he went to cancel the cable at the barber shop, the cable company asked him why he was cancelling.  When he mentioned the shooting the customer service person said they had heard about the story, and offered condolences on behalf of the company.

Seymour's mom just turned one hundred years old.  John is her primary caregiver.  Others stepped in to help take care of her when John was hospitalized.  He said that she is positive and, when she found out that he was ok, she remained positive and continued praying for the others involved.

There are things that he does not want to talk about and things, he says, he will never forget.

He said the populations of Ilion, Mohawk, and Frankfort put together still give it a small town feel and you just never expect something like this to happen there.  He said it felt like a (bad) dream.

He says that he remains thankful for the community's support and asks for continued prayers for Dan Haslauer.