Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Hometown of the Day:  Herkimer
Newsmaker of the Day: John the Barber
The Valley Shootings in Herkimer and Mohawk happened one year ago today.
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Topics for today-

-The weather - some areas received significant accumulations - others just a few inches

-Remington, an offer to purchase is on the table

-The Assembly's budget has $1.1 billion for schools

-Herkimer Shootings, the 1 year anniversary

Weather Channel Update

Ray Stagech talks about the weather.  Some people received a lot of snow, others about an inch.  Now, it's the cold and wind.

The New Jersey Girl

She's back home with her parents.  Now there's a little kid - considered cute - arguing with mom about cupcakes.  Will this kid grow up to be the girl in New Jersey?

Herkimer County BOCES Super Mark Vivacqua

The Assembly budget calls for more money for schools.  BUT- is it enough?

US Curling Team at Paralympic Games

Jimmy Joseph is on live from Sochi and he has the Russians chanting U-S-A.  He's our new ambassador.

Pastor Says Frozen is Training Little Girls to Be Lesbians

There is a scene in the movie that some say two characters are lesbian.

Cartoons have come a long way...

John Nagel in from Utica On Tap

John is from McCraith Beverages and he's promoting our craft beer of the week: Breakfast Stout from Founders.  Hearty!!!!  Awesome.  Nearly 100 beers will be there for the sampling on March 22nd.  Tickets available at our special Utica On Tap website.

Herkimer Shooting Anniversary

We look back on the Herkimer Shootings - One Year Later.  We're extending our coverage until the moment of silence at 9:29 am, when the first shots were fired.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

Special thanks to people who called in to share their stories, Lt. Steve Hauck, Herkimer Police Chief Malone, Jim Rondenelli, and others.

Complete coverage is on our website :

Bill's story on his coverage

Jeff Monaski's reflection - What we Don't Know.

Jim Rondenelli's story on K-9 Ape

Luke Tubia's story, A Community Remembers