Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Tuesday, December 10th.

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Legislator Gary Hartman made comments about Safe Act and Remington

Nelson Mandela Memorial Today - a lot of leaders in one place

Toy Drive Auction has a new twist

Erin Hamlin's Grandmother killed in Rt 365 crash

The Bears retired Mike Ditka's Number 89

...and the Bears beat Dallas 45-28

The cockroach that lives in the cold

Here's a story about a new breed of cockroaches found in New York City that is resistant to cold weather.


Tim Reed of the Boilermaker

Talking about the Ultimate Boilermaker gift - presented to our Toy Auction

Monticello Mayor Should Set Down

Village Trustee Carmen Rue wants him to step down.   She was on the air this's a video of her confronting the Mayor's attorney.

Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins Charged with DWI

This trustee, Carmen Rue, wants him to resign. She joined us LIVE:
She says he has quite a history of getting in trouble with police.  Here's a video.

Senator Joe Griffo in Studio, Comets Mark Caswell in to Talk About Comets Toy Drive Game

  • Sunday, at 3   Egg Nog Drop   Byrne Dairy and More
  • Joe will participate in the Egg Nog Drop

Scott Flansburg The Human Calculator

And our numbers intern Tim: