No-one would have predicted that the race for Oneida County Clerk would turn into a "mud slinging fest;" but, that's exactly what has happened as Dave Gordon is challenging Sandy Deperno for the County Clerk's job.

Gordon has focused his campaign on fixing the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is the responsibility of current County Clerk Deperno. He claims the department is broken with long lines, low morale and angry customers.  Deperno claims he's running a campaign of fear mongering and the DMV runs much smoother than Gordon is charging. In fact, she claims many of the delays are caused by Albany including computer failures that are completely out of her control.  Furthermore, Gordon claimed he's been talking with New Hartford to open a satellite office at their new town offices at the former Gander Mountain in the township. Deperno and New Hartford Town Supervisor Paul A. Miscione claim there are no talks. In response, Gordon has called the two "liars" and asked Deperno to participate in a debate. Deperno told WIBX, she won't debate Gordon because, "You can't debate stupid."

Here's the 'He Said, She said" -


Gordon says it's not run properly and efficiently. He claims new cameras and additional satellite offices would improve revenue. Deperno says she's made changes that have improved the DMV. She claims the long lines are the minority.

The Madison County Conflict

Deperno claims Gordon misrepresented himself as a county employee when he spoke with the Madison County Clerk Michael Keville. She said Keville told her Gordon lead him to believe that he was employed by her office. Gordon arranged for WIBX to speak with Keville (which is a part of the interview below) and he told the Keeler Show Gordon did nothing wrong. He said he id not misrepresent himself an he never told Deperno that he did.

The Utica Bar

Deperno claimed Gordon's bar on Bleecker Street in Utica was taken by the city for back taxes. Gordon provided proof that he had sold the property and it wasn't taken because of taxes owed.

Employee Morale

Gordon claims he spoke with County Clerk employees that claimed morale is low. Deperno denied that claim.

Reporting Campaign Finance

Deperno claims that Gordon is breaking election law by not filing his campaign expenses. Gordon said he's spent his own money; but, will be filing once he receives his PIN number from New York State.  Deperno claims Gordon is required to file his expenses even if he's spending his own money. Additionally, Gordon should have applied for his PIN number before the campaign started. She says he's missed 3 reporting deadlines.  [Election law requires financial disclosure reports even if the candidate is spending private money. Violations can be as much as $1000 per infraction.]

Listen to the interviews with Deperno and Gordon below:

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