Every morning at 7:35, the Keeler Show gives listeners a chance to win their "Free Money Question of the Day" through the Hobika Law Firm. In order words, they give you a chance to win Hobika's money.

The rules are simple. A contestant can't use Google to come with an answer and they must get their answer in before the buzzer goes off at a very quick 7-seconds.

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Here are some sample questions.

1. This country is known to have created tarter sauce.
2. What was the first Dr. Seuss book?
3. Born Stephen Alan Weinberg…this wealthy celebrity is best known for what?
4. This Cornell grad quit his job at Boeing to become a failed Stand up comedian, only to become a scientist and an inventor.
5. Shasta soda is made at the base of what in California?
(The answers are posted at the bottom of this story)

Here are some tips on winning Hobika's free money contest. 1.) Call 315-736-0186 to compete to be the correct number caller that morning. 2.) If you don't know the answer, guess! 3.) Don't let the "ticking" in the background distract you. 4.) Don't wait too long. If the answer isn't spoken before the buzzer, it doesn't count.

On Monday of this week, Alan from Rome was the first contestant to take a shot during St. Patrick's week. We reminded him that we had two winners last week and it was his job to keep the streak going. He as told he was playing with a question from the category, "You Finish the Lyrics."

Watch the short video below for the question and the correct answer.

Answers to the questions above:

1. France
2. And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” 1937
3. Casinos (Steve Wynn)
4. Bill Nye the Science Guy
5. Mount Shasta

For official contest rules, click here.

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