That can't be legal, right?

Sometimes you see things that make you do a double take -- and then there are things that you can never unsee.

What one unlucky resident witnessed near the Burrstone Inn was nothing short of unsettling.

Another Unique Moment

The People of Utica Facebook page shared an image that basically went off like a bomb on our timelines.

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People couldn't believe their eyes. The image showed a person operating their motorized wheelchair at the intersection of Burrstone Road and Sunset Avenue.

However, it was what was strapped to the back of the vehicle that got people nauseous.

Another "unique moment" in Utica is quite the understatement since the photo created more questions than answers.

How can someone strap a dead deer to their scooter? Moreover, what do they plan on doing to poor Bambi's mom?

Theories ranged from a good Samaritan cleaning up another person's mess to a hungry individual scoring a free venison meal.

I doubt any of us will ever truly know. Also, do you even want to know what that individual did with that deer? Is it really worth the nightmare fuel?

But this begs to question if what happened was even legal in the State of New York.

Can You Harvest Roadkill?

New York does have a law in the books that allows those who've hit a deer with their car to keep the carcass for consumption.

FG Trade from Getty Images Signature
FG Trade from Getty Images Signature

New York Upstate says in order to collect it, drivers must report the strike to the authorities in order to obtain a "carcass tag." That will then allow the deer to be taken home or to a butcher.

Let's leave the speculation about whether or not a tag was obtained in a legal manner in this latest incident.

However, there's another question that's pressing on some people's minds - is the deer even safe to eat?

Is Roadkill Safe to Eat?

Did the person in the scooter see the deer get hit? If so, then the meat is most likely safe to consume.

Deer on the edge of the road just before vehicle
Photo Credit- Pascal-L-Marius/Thinkstock

But, if that person rolled up hours after the deer was killed - even though it's freezing outside - they could be putting themselves at risk because freshness is critical when attempting to salvage meat.

Deer meat can spoil within hours, depending on how warm it is outside.

Additionally, the meat might not even be salvageable because it could have been a terrible collision. Areas that made contact with a vehicle are not processed for consumption because they are normally full of bone fragments.

Hopefully you found this article as enlightening and informative as it is downright weird.

Never change, Utica.

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